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Prof. Manohar Patil

(Author - C- SAT)


  •      To contribute towards the establishment of an egalitarian society where all the prevailing unjust, exploitative divides along the lines of caste, class, gender, region, religion and race have disappeared
  •      To contribute towards creation of a sensitive, responsive and responsible bureaucracy
  •      To utilize the domain of education as a means of societal change
  •      To create a space for public intervention through various projects and educational initiatives


  •      To increase the ratio of Maharashtrian candidates in Union Civil Services
  •      To increase the percentage of candidates from deprived sections of the society (Marathi medium, rural background as well as girl students) in the Civil Services
  •      To generate quality study material in Marathi as well as English
  •      To contribute towards revitalizing Humanities and Social Sciences through launching innovative courses
  •      To undertake extensive and exhaustive socio-economic and political research of Maharashtra under the banner of Maharashtra Study Centre
  •      To influence the formulation and implementation of Public Policies through active Public Policy Research
  •      To impart quality training to elected representatives, party activists and office bearers, as well as bureaucrats