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1.Uncalled-For (Adj)-not suitable and therefore unnecessary. अनावश्यक

2.Anticipated (V)-regard as probable; expect or predict. प्रत्याशित, अपेक्षित

3.Trepidation (N)-a feeling of fear or anxiety about something that may happen.

4.Light-Touch (N)-a friendly, relaxed, or humourous way of doing something.

5.Appetite (N)-a strong desire or liking for something. रुचि

6.Satire (N)-a literary work holding up human vices and follies to ridicule or scorn.

7.Stifle (V)-to prevent something from happening.

8.Palatable (Adj)-(of an action or proposal) acceptable or satisfactory. रुचिकर

9.Out Of The Woods (Phrase)-Out of difficulties, danger or trouble.

10.Pent-Up (Adj)- confined, restrained, not vented or expressed, curbed.

11.Transient (Adj)-Lasting only for a short time. क्षणिक

12.Taken Its Eye Off The Ball (Phrase)-to become distracted and stop focusing.

13.Purveying (V)-supply with provisions.

14.Resuscitate (V)-make (something) active or vigorous again.

15.Bodes Well (Phrase)-to be a sign of good things to come. शुभ लक्षण सूचित

16.Spate Of (Phrase)-a large number of similar things that happen in a short period of time, especially bad things.

17.Play Out (Phrasal Verb)-develop in a particular way.

18.Diktat (N)-an order that must be obeyed. आदेश